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Anonymous asked: Maybe a loaded question, but if you had one piece of advice for an aspiring comic book writer, what might it be?



Read books on history. Honest to god, this is my number one piece of advice for writers. Most non-fiction books will give you SOME ideas for stories, but books on historical events and persons are huge idea factories, in a way that the internet just doesn’t quite replicate.

So every time I go to a book shop, I check their remainder shelves for books on interesting historical events and grab them up. It is a person with a very poor imagination indeed who can’t come up with ideas after reading this stuff…My first Deadpool villain was based on King Ludwig II, the ‘mad king,’ of Bavaria. Secret Six dealt directly with prison allegories based on North Korea, China, and Ireland. The beastmaster story in Red Sonja is based on Roman arenas in rural Wales. 

This stuff is precious as gold and you can get it for almost nothing on sale at bookshops anywhere.

For the actual PROCESS of writing, the advice I have is FINISH something. Start SMALL, a column or a paragraph or a very, very short story. FINISH. That’s what counts. The act of writing teaches skills, but the act of FINISHING teaches confidence. And you will NEED CONFIDENCE.

Finish things. Finish your story and do another. An unfinished story does no one any good. FINISH.


I just reintroduced Cary to Destiny’s Child, ending with “Bootylicious,” followed by the “Bootylicious: remix,” featuring my goddess Missy Elliott.

I’m such a great boyfriend.

Cary keeps shaking his head at me because I’m lip synching to classic Cher while folding laundry in my underwear.

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