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Hardcore Nerd.

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Comic Book Addict.


i also run

4 a.m. inventory at work.

Killlllllllllllll/saaaaaaaaave me!

all those posts on here about running out of fucks to give?

yup, reached that point today.

so over EVERYTHING* right now.  

* everything at work…my department manager is an incompetent piece of shit who creates ridiculous amounts of extra work for us to do in addition to our standard 8 hours worth of work each shift and i hate him and cannot wait for him to get fired but in the meantime, i’m just going to shut down and cry in the employee bathroom and count down the hours until i can go home.


If you’ve ever asked yourself whether or not you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer then the answer is yes. You should watch Buffy. Everyone should watch Buffy. Your family should watch Buffy. Your friends should watch Buffy. Your dog should watch Buffy. Obama should watch Buffy. The world would be a better place if everyone watched Buffy

(via taytaymore)

After making the mistake if reading comments about news coverage of Michael Brown’s funeral, I have further cemented my opinion that white people as a whole really fucking suck. Also, I need to get away from Texas and all the hate ASAP.

That is all.

taytaymore asked: Have you ever had sex in a body of water? In public?

Kinda. I’ve had sexy times with Cary while at Hippie Hollow, both in and out of the water, but never full-on sex.

attention straight guys!

it’s great that you’ll hold open the door for your girlfriend and all, but if a couple of guys (or people in general) are directly behind you to go into the same building, don’t be a douche and move out of the way and let the door start to close.  you’re not gay or weak or whatever if you hold the door open for other men, too.  but letting it close on others is just plain rude!

oh glob, all the perfumes and colognes coming off the table of people now beside us are combining to smell like cat piss.

most people, when around babies, think “oh, that’s so cute!”

when i hear babies vocalize, all i think is “REDRUM!”

An exchange overheard at Loco Cafe this morning

two girls were at the table beside cary and i.

one girl, the one doing all the talking, had a high-pitched child-like voice.  her friend, the quiet one, apparently was having guy trouble.

baby voice girl: “you just gotta remember that YOU’RE a human being, and HE’S a human being.”

*moment of silence*

quiet girl: “yeah, that makes a lot of sense.”



Starting Book 2 of Korra!!!